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MP3's\Good Time Charlie's Got - Bern 1.902.05.25 18:42:110:02:02128S44
MP3's\My Way2 (Anka Ea) - Bernard Ho 21:26:050:04:27128M44
Memories - Bernard Holtrop.mp3 3.302.02.15 19:21:050:03:31128M44
MP3's\I Fall To Pieces - Bernard Hol 3.503.02.23 09:51:350:03:38128M44
MP3's\The First Time Ever I Saw Your 3.703.02.23 10:14:580:03:52128M44
MP3's\Snowbird - Bernard Holtrop.mp3 2.303.02.26 18:26:250:02:27128M44
MP3's\Ghostriders In The Sky - Berna 3.503.11.13 17:35:120:03:38128M44
MP3's\I'll Take You Home Again Kathl 2.703.02.26 18:12:160:02:51128M44
Good Time Charlie's Got - Bernard Ho 1.902.05.25 18:42:110:02:02128S44
An American Trilogy (trad) Bernard H 3.802.02.15 19:44:240:03:59128M44
MP3's\Besame Mucho - Bernard Holtrop 19:53:130:03:11128M44
MP3's\Memories - Bernard Holtrop.mp3 3.304.03.15 19:56:270:03:31128M44
MP3's\I'll Remember You - Bernard Ho 19:57:010:02:22128M44
MP3's\An American Trilogy (trad) Ber 3.804.03.20 19:49:160:03:59128M44
MP3's\Soldier (Neil Young) - Bernard 3.902.05.24 20:55:510:04:09128S44
MP3's\Gentle On My Mind - Bernard Ho 22:52:400:03:44112M44
Softly Awakes My Heart (Saint Saens) 7.604.05.31 21:27:16
My Way2 (Anka Ea) - Bernard Holtrop. 22:03:270:04:27128M44
I Fall To Pieces - Bernard Holtrop.m 3.504.05.31 22:40:390:03:38128M44
Gentle On My Mind - Bernard Holtrop. 22:52:400:03:44112M44
Snowbird - Bernard Holtrop.mp3 2.304.05.31 23:23:070:02:27128M44
Ghostriders In The Sky - Bernard Hol 2.504.05.31 23:20:120:02:40128M44
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen - 2.704.05.31 23:10:340:02:51128M44
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 3.704.05.31 22:27:380:03:52128M44
You Are My Sunshine - Bernard Holtro 2.804.05.31 23:07:120:02:56128M44
O Holy Night (Adam) - Bernard Holtro 22:08:380:04:26128M44

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The Promised Land
The Now And
The Memorable Claude
The Let S Go S
The Hunter
The Eternal
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