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Up Against The Ropes.mp3 01:05:46Richard & Michael Berardi, Ray DUp Against The Ropes0:01:41 80S44
Liberty-LyricsbyMichaelBerardi-Vocal 3.403.03.22 01:08:38Lyrics- Michael Berardi Vocal- RLibertyTitle- Liberty0:03:34128S44
Berardi_Francesco_-_E_all_improvviso 3.9Berardi, FrancescoE All'improvviso Tu0:04:04128S44
Son Rise.mp3 0.703.02.21 01:03:09Michael & Cheryl Berardi, RonnieSon Rise0:01:17 80S44
Kings Queens Jacks And Jokers.mp3 0.803.02.21 00:57:02Michael And Cheryl BerardiKings Queens Jacks And Jokers0:01:20 80S44
Giorgio_Pacchioni_-_A.Berardi_Sonata 9.8Giorgio PacchioniA.Berardi:Sonata Sesta A Violi0:08:14160S44
Bricks From The Ashes.mp3 00:53:05Michael And Cheryl BerardiBricks From The Ashes0:01:40 80S44
Berardi_Francesco_-_E_all_improvviso 3.9Berardi, FrancescoE All'improvviso Tu0:04:04128S44
Berardi_Francesco_-_Tutti_mi_chiaman 4.3Berardi, FrancescoTutti Mi Chiamano Bart0:04:33128S44
Let Yourself Shine.mp3 0.803.02.21 00:57:52Richard And Michael BerardiLet Yourself Shine0:01:26 80S44
Every Tear Ever Cried.mp3 00:55:22Michael And Richard BerardiEvery Tear Ever Cried (has Dri0:01:43 80S44
The Power Of A Dream.mp3 0.903.02.21 01:04:55Michael & Richard BerardiThe Power Of A Dream0:01:34 80S44
Reach Higher.mp3 0.703.02.21 01:01:14Richard BerardiReach Higher0:01:10 80S44
Sail Out Beyond The Breakers.mp3 01:02:10Michael & Richard Berardi, OttoSail Out Beyond The Breakers0:01:40 80S44
11 - Botella & Berardi - If You Want 6.603.10.02 16:31:012003
Liberty [An Anthem For A Free World] 01:00:25Lyrics By Michael Berardi - MusiLIBERTY An Anthem For A Free W0:03:28 80S44
Liberty [An Anthem For A Free World] 0.603.02.21 01:08:29Lyrics By Michael Berardi - MusiLIBERTY An Anthem For A Free W0:03:28 24M22
With Another.MP3 1.803.06.25 17:10:53Chad Berardi2003at www.RedBrickRecor0:01:34160S44
I Remember.MP3 2.803.06.25 17:10:53Chad Berardi2003at www.RedBrickRecor0:02:20160S44
Love.mp3 14:29:41Franco_Bifo_BerardiLoveletter_sourcecode2001For_[epidemiC]no_copyright0:04:29 96M44
Berardi_Francesco_-_Il_grido.mp3 1.2Berardi, FrancescoIl Grido0:01:20128S44
Love.mp3 14:29:41Franco_Bifo_BerardiLoveletter_sourcecode2001For_[epidemiC]no_copyright0:04:29 96M44

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